Our product launched in January 2019. Our customers got newly developed optimizations while managing their supply chain whether it is their own assets or outsourced and serving retail and e-commerce.

With the COVID19 widespread, using the 525K digital and highly efficient supply chain means fewer people are on the streets and hopefully reducing the pandemic.

We are working on global, large scale, and highly distributed retail, e-commerce, and logistics operations and challenges.

Our products have yielded positive results for our customers managing their e-commerce and retail supply chains, and saved them already time and money!

Our technology acts as a multiplier of revenue for supply chain service providers while reducing by double digits the cost and time to retail and e-commerce improving their work processes and associated costs and profits for our customers.


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We offer competitive compensation packages, best in class benefits, and fun environment that go hand in hand with the scale of the challenges we are trying to solve.