Transportation and Delivery Optimization Systems

Retail and e-commerce platforms can achieve scale at a fraction of the cost. Trucking, warehousing, and delivery providers benefit and scale, as well, once they connect to 525K.

Worldwide, trucks are logging double-digit percentages of their trips as empty miles, for independent carriers, this could be 50%. 525K’s Transportation Optimization System (TOS) provides top-of-the-line advanced features to increase driver and vehicle efficiencies saving time, increasing transporter (last-mile, or trucking) revenues, reducing shippers cost, and reducing transportation’s CO2 footprint.

Why 525K TOS?

Our TOS intercepts an active transporter in real-time, adds extra loads while maintaining the delivery promise and service level agreement. The power of assigning orders as they come is needed for high volume around the clock operations; therefore, TOS supports scheduled bookings, bookings via Excel sheets, bookings via APIs, or bookings via the webpage or mobile apps to complete one shipment or a multi-stop shipment that can be cross-docked, consolidated or distributed along an optimized route.

Our all-in-one trucking and last-mile platform offer solutions for shippers, fleet owners, and drivers that go beyond vehicle tracking, and fleet management.

To disrupt and lead the land transportation industry, 525K TOS provides:
• Real-time insights
• User-centric tools
• Intelligent booking, dispatching and routing via machine learning and artificial intelligence
• Payback period in 3-6 months with a 30-days* rollout