Senior/Principal SRE/DevOps

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525K is a technology company focused on bringing the latest technology advancements to sellers and e-commerce platforms to streamline the delivery of their product globally under 30 minutes. In fact, 525K is the number of minutes in a year; we aspire to enable product delivery where possible in 1 minute! 525K is creating products at the core of e-commerce platforms, warehousing, fulfillment, last mile delivery, and global supply chain.

We are looking for an engineer that operates with high level of autonomy and efficiency to build amazingly reliable and scalable software products. This is senior position across the company; therefore, we are looking for a leader who works hard to help the team and the business deliver its goals.  Aside from building CI/CD pipelines, the AWS stack, or reliability and automation tools, we care deeply about finding the leader that will be creating a culture of quality and excellence whether working with direct reports or others across the company.

This is a job for software reliability and devops engineers that are passionate about building systems that process large scale datasets, high transaction throughput globally, and respond in real or near-real time. The ideal candidate, is an engineer that can convert advanced computer science algorithms to products that are engineered to enable the software deployment at scale and meet 525K customers’ needs and expectations. In today’s technology, this means SRE/DevOps tools that are in the cloud, distributed globally, performing and available at or better than the industry standards.

The desired candidate is one that can dive deep and stay connected with the latest innovations in technology, product design and computer science. As a result, s/he can translate these advancements to innovative products, and software engineering practices.


  1. 5+ years in software development, SRE or DevOps, including all aspects from the product inception till post release and support
  2. 5+ years coding in high level programming languages such as Java
  3. Excellent computer science fundamentals (algorithms, design and analysis)
  4. Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field

Preferred Qualification

  1. Built mission critical services that exceeded operational objectives
  2. Led the design of products and software architecture across own and other teams
  3. Mentored and coached junior software engineers on own and other teams
  4. Interfaced with the business leadership and influenced or drove key business decisions
  5. Worked in a startup

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