525K Global Solutions Inc. was established in December 2017. 525K, for short, is based in Denver, CO and is focused on bringing the latest technology advancements to sellers and e-commerce platforms to streamline the delivery of their product globally under 30 minutes. In fact, 525K is an abbreviation for the number of minutes in a year; we aspire to deliver products where possible in 1 minute! 525K is creating products at the core of e-commerce platforms, warehousing, fulfillment, last mile delivery, and global supply chain.


We are a growing company, currently a team of 30 led by the founder and CEO Mr. Fareed Qaddoura. Mr. Qaddoura has worked in the public and private sectors in the US and abroad. He worked in two prior startups, higher education and most notably Amazon.com and Freightos.com. His roles expanded from a team member to … Continue reading Team

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